Are You A Good Parent? Get Paid Writing Articles About Parenting

Are You A Good Parent? Get Paid Writing Articles About Parenting

First of all, one of the beauty of modern technology and internet in particular is that it has opened many doors of opportunities for millions of people that are taking the advantages of online business. With Billions of active internet users, it is fair to say that the future of every business is online. If you have a good parent, or possesses excellent parenting skills, let me show you how to get paid writing articles about parenting.

There are many people with different types of skills but are not sure how and where to implement these skills. This type of job can be done as part time. Also, it gives you great opportunity to make extra income for yourself. You can use your free time, leisure time to come up with good articles. Even more, sometimes on holiday can be a good time of developing a very good parenting tips. Majority of the companies will pay you through PayPal or bank checks if you are in the United States.

Who Can Write Parenting Articles?

Writing article about parenting can be done by anybody as long as you have interest in writing, you can communicate well in English language and have access to the internet, which i believe you do if you are reading this article. You can get friends and family to help you with proofreading and checks for typo errors or for better restructuring.

Parenting can be beautiful if most things works in your favor. It is for sure a hard work, no parent is perfect and we all want to learn more about becoming a better parent and to help our children in the best possible ways. So, if you are really interested to know how to get paid writing articles about parenting, so, lets go!

What Topics Can I write About?

There are many organisations on the internet that are set up to help struggling parents with the challenges that comes with parenting and also to help good parents to become better. If you have great tips and advice on how parents can improve their relationship with their kids and how to get the best out of their children, anything kids to parents’ relationship is welcomed.

If you can write good articles on any of the above topics, then you can make cool easy money doing that. Moving forward, I will show you top four websites that are well trusted and real leaders in this industry. Many people are already sharing their stories and experience on how easy it is, to get paid writing articles about parenting and some other topics related to families.

Get Paid Writing Articles About Parenting – 4 Top Websites

It is important to know that the main purpose of doing this is to help parents all around the more and not just about making money, but your input will be appreciated by these companies as your advice will help and transform lives in a positive way. Another interesting thing is that these websites allows you to add your bio data or link to your website (if you have one), meaning you will get 100%credit for your writings.

This can open many more opportunities for you in terms of recommendation and compensation from those lives you have toughed and more importantly it can be the start a new career journey for you.

#1. Her View From Home (Up to $100)

Her view for home is for mothers and they focus on articles that has to do with family, parenting, relationship, grief, faith, home an life. You will be paid up to $100 if your article is viewed by over 4000 people. You can also make money for previously published articles if it receives over 10,000 views, you will be paid $50 for that. They are currently accepting a lot of new submission. They prefer articles of about 600 to 800 words. Prices as follows;

For Original Content;

  • $5 for 250 to 499 views
  • $7.50 for 500 to 749 views
  • $10 for 750 to 999 views
  • $15 for 1000 to 1999 views
  • $30 for 2000 to 2999 views
  • $60 for 3000 to 3999 views
  • $100 for 4000 plus views

For Previously Published Content;

  • $50 for 10,000 views (if you article receive less than 10000 views, you will not receive any money)

Are You A Good Parent? Get Paid Writing Articles About Parenting

#2. A Fine Parent ($75)

A fine parent is one of the well-known online communities for parents looking to develop their parenting skills. They will pay for $75 for every accepted article about parenting tips. You have a better chance of approval if your articles are research based, reference based, powerful, unique, with examples, lesson learnt and book referencing. Please do not try to copy someone else articles or re-edit another writers articles, it may result in a wasted effort. Make you article fresh and clean. The length of words must be between 1500 to 3000 words, but exception can be given to some very well written articles that falls outside of this range. A Fine Parent have received over 3.2 million-page view already this year meaning your articles can touch many lives all around the world.

#3. Metro Parent ($35 to $350)

Metro parent is an online parenting magazine company that publishes short and detailed articles to help parents. They are looking for good writers to help them with the content of their magazine. Their magazines are published locally in Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and Wayne counties of Michigan. So your stories are preferred if referencing any of these areas they cover. But don’t get discouraged yet, they also have other areas where any parents can contribute. Their categories and prices are as below;

  • $25 = 50 words of blurb on anything your family loves – books, toys, website, products, apps, just anything with photos. Any parent can submit.
  • $25 = (Tips & Tricks) 50 words of blurb of any idea that has been a life saver for your family. Any parent can submit.
  • $40 = (General Post) 800 words of general post on family fun, food, parenting, pregnancy.
  • $200+ = (Features) Long articles or 1200 to 2500 words of traditional narrative covering two to four local sources
  • $40+ = (Pipeline) short articles of 150 to 400 words of creative info with photos
  • $50 = (Kids 101) 600 words of information about child development including toddlers, babies, teens, tween and school-agers.
  • $75+ = (My Words) 600 words of specific personal perspective essays from a local parent.
  • And $75+ = (Two Cents): 600 words of pair of opinionated (different takes) articles by two parents.
  • Another $75+ = (Metro Mom/Dad) 800 words of colorful profiles on local parents.

#4. Christians Science Monitor: The Home Forum ($250):

You may be paid a base rate of $250 for every published article. Home Forum publishes articles that are faith-based essays on parenting, family, travel, gardening, neighborhood and life. They do not accept articles about death, disease and aging. They accept both short and long articles of 400 to 800 words. Your articles must be original and not previously published elsewhere. Seasonal topics must be submitted well ahead of time for early considerations.

Finally, if you think you have what it takes, why not give it a go and you can start making that extra income on the side. I believe this articles have helped you to see how easy it is to get paid writing articles about parenting using your experience and skills.There are other ways you can make money online writing articles apart from parenting, to know more about it, please read my previously written article on Make Up To $500 Online Writing Articles For Websites 

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