Best Day To Book Flight Tickets For Best Deal

Best Day To Book A Flight Tickets

Travelling is not just about vacation or business, it is also an important part of our life. Many of us wants to travel the world, to different places, different destinations, learn about cultures, heritage sites, adventures, exploration, relaxation and many more. And one thing most travelers has in common is to be able to get cheap flights and have enough saving to enjoy the trip. But have you ever asked yourself, which is the best day to book flight tickets? Hmm! Let me show you that.

The flight fare can be ridiculously high sometimes. Even more frustrating when you just completed a purchase and you check the same airline few days and later only to realized that the same journey ticket you bought is now 50% cheaper. To make the matter worst, maybe the ticket is non-refundable and all you can do is to continue scratching your day.

The number one key factor here is planning. Yes, it’s always difficult to achieve best results when we don’t plan in life. Planning puts you in a comfortable position. When you start planning your next holiday trips early, it guides to be able to buy the ticket at the right time and helps to save a lot of money for the trip. Okay, lets move on.

Which Is The Best Days To Book A Flight Ticket

First of all, it is important to understand the theory behind the ups and downs on flight tickets. This is from the research I have been doing over the years and I am happy to share the tricks with you. Hopefully it will save you some money when booking for your next flight.

Most airlines review and update their fare at the start of business on Mondays, announce new deals for the week. Does that make Monday the best day to book flight ticket? Not necessarily. You can still go ahead and check for best deals, but I will tell you why. There are few other factors to consider. It also depends on the part of the world you are. Most of these updates will be done at the airlines headquarters anyway. So, time zones can play an important role in here. You will expect European airlines to get their deals out before American airlines.

Best Day To Book Flight Tickets

If you are thinking maybe Monday night? You may be right but might not still be the best deal. Let’s us not forget about the competitions among the airlines. Some of them will wait with for the prices of other before they roll out theirs. So I will say that Tuesday morning is the best day to book flight tickets. Midnight Wednesday right until 1 A.M is not a bad idea at all.

However, I have seen many post and research online saying otherwise. Texas A&M study shows that weekend tickets are about 5% cheaper than week days. Some articles talk about booking on weekends but my further research shows that this is only valid for popular destinations at peak holiday seasons.

Alternative option is to let someone do the findings for you if you will be flying from any United Kingdom airports.  In fact Jack will find you the bet deals for free. If you have any vacation planned or willing to travel within the next one year, just sign up with Jack to send you the best deals available on the internet. That’s his job and he has over 800,000 thousand benefiting from him already in the UK. You can opt for his paid service if you like his service, which I believe you will do anyway.

The Best Day To Fly For Best Flight Ticket

This is a very interesting topic that I plan to cover more later in the near future. The best day to fly will depend on the area of the world you are heading. If you flying to Africa, pay attention to flight leaving on Mondays, For Asia and South Pacific, Tuesday is the best day to flight. Check Wednesdays more for North America and Middle East, and Thursday for flights to European countries and south America.

For your outbound flight, if you are returning from South America and Middle East, try Mondays. If you are coming back from North America, check Tuesday. Sunday is the probably the best when returning from Europe.

The Best Time To Book Flight Tickets

As I said earlier, planning your trip in advance is the key but buying the ticket itself may require some timing. Tickets are typically about $100 cheaper two weeks before the inbound dates for US and Canada flights. It is advisable to rack up your tickets about 2 months before flying to Africa to get the best deals. Asia, South America and Middle East are typically very cheap when booked about 5 to 7 months ahead. I understands that sometimes it is not that easy to plan many months in advance, this is another area where Jack Flight can be of help.

Finally, I will conclude that Tuesdays are the best day to book flight tickets if you are looking for the best deals. I wish you a safe trip on your next holiday and if you find this post useful, kindly share your experience in the comment section below for the benefits of others.