Canada Legalises Marijuana For Recreational Use

Canada Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use

Now it is official! Canada Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use. Hundreds of people queued up to purchase the drugs on the first day of becoming legal. The first sales happened just about 02:30 GMT on the eastern island of New Newfoundland and Labrador this morning.

Canada becomes the second country to legalize marijuana. Right until now, Uruguay was the only country in the world to have legalized the used of recreational cannabis since 2013 and now we have Canada joining the chain just 5 years later.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana, as defined by Medicine net is also referred to as Cannabis sativa scientifically. Cannabis Sativa is a plant that are consumed by many users for the purpose of making them high (intoxicated). Marijuana plant have over 483 known compounds. Some of these compounds contains medicinal properties and the debate whether its use should be allowed in many countries is still ongoing.

Apart from Uruguay and Canada, there are few states in the United States that has voted to end the prohibition of Marijuana. In recent years, there is also a rise in other part of the world, European countries like Netherlands and Portugal have both decriminalized the use of the drugs.

The highest court in South Africa legalized the use of marijuana by adults in privates just last September but selling the drugs is still illegal in South Africa. Another African country, Zimbabwe, joined south Africa to legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes only. It will be no surprise if we continue to see more countries joining this trend. United Kingdom could be following suit with intense pressure on the Downing street to pass the bill.

Canada prime minister admitted to have smoked marijuana about 5 to 6 times in his life but not planning to smoke again now that it is legal in Canada – Sky News

How Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Surprisingly, how the new law will be implemented is still unknown to many of the resident as there is no evidence to show that the government nor the police are ready for the new law. The government of Canada is starting a public awareness campaign to its residents on what the law covers. The campaign with the relevant information was sent to over 15 Million households across the country. This was probably the largest marijuana campaign so far as Canada becomes the largest country in the world with a legal national pot according to sky news.

Canada Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use

A resident of Newfoundland named Ian Power made history as he became the first person to purchase the first gram of Cannabis legally in Canada and he was very proud of it according to BBC news.

Ontario will begin the sales of marijuana in stores by next spring, but the residents are allowed to order online for now.

British Columbia, region known with the highest use of the drug will have the first official retail shop open the following Wednesday

The proper implementation is still a big question. And many of the residents still have no clue on how the country will cope with this new law. Some analyst has predicted that there will be a shortage of the drugs in the first year as there may not be enough production to meet up with the demands.

Why Did Canada Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use?

No one can say for sure, whether this decision was political or not. Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau just ahead of their next year election announced his agenda which includes finding a way to restrict the use of drug by the youths. Moreover, he also vowed to deploy a tactics to cut off the unlawful markets and reduce the burden of marijuana law on Canada justice system.

Furthermore, with the projection of about 5.4 million of people to purchase marijuana in Canada alone this year, the government have predicted a $400M CAD tax revenue to be generated from the sale of marijuana this year. Prime Minister said the money from the sales of marijuana will now end up in the legal pocket. Prime Minister Trudeau believes this will put an end to the money being acquired by these criminals.

Deloitte, an accounting firm expected the sales of marijuana to be more than $6B CAD in the year 2019 alone, becoming one of the highest revenue sources for the country.

Cannabis first became illegal in Canada in 1923 but later made legal for medicinal purposes by the government in 2001.

Many had been convicted of illegal use of Marijuana in the past but their fate is unknown if they will be pardoned.

Canada Legalises Marijuana –  What you need to know

  • You must be an adult to purchase the drugs
  • Purchases can be in form of oil, plants, seeds and dried cannabis
  • Users must purchase from a legal and licensed store
  • You cannot buy edibles or infused foods cannabis until sometimes next year.
  • Any adult cannot possess more than 30 grams of marijuana in public.
  • There is a jail term of up to 14 years for anyone selling marijuana to under aged.
  • The minimum age to purchase the marijuana in most of the states is 19 while Alberta and Quebec is 18 years.
  • No store will open in Ontario until next spring.
  • Tourists can buy but cannot export to their countries particularly if not allowed.

Finally, being the first time Canada legalizes marijuana for official use, the impact on the youth’s social life remains to be seen. Moreover, we also awaits to see the effects it will have on the outcome of 2019 election.

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