How To Migrate And Teach in New Zealand

How to Migrate And Teach in New Zealand Do you love teaching? Are you gifted in a particular subject? Ever thought of a career in teaching? Will you consider a relocation to New Zealand? If you answer yes to the above questions, then teachers like you are needed in New Zealand. The process to migrate […]

How to Migrate And Teach in New Zealand

Do you love teaching? Are you gifted in a particular subject? Ever thought of a career in teaching? Will you consider a relocation to New Zealand? If you answer yes to the above questions, then teachers like you are needed in New Zealand. The process to migrate and teach in New Zealand cannot be better explained than this post.

Schools across Aotearoa New Zealand are in shortage of teachers. Starting from the elementary schools, primary schools, intermediate and secondary schools. The government needs more people that are willing to migrate and teach in New Zealand to come into the country. The process is very simple and you may have your relocation cost worth NZ$50000 fully covered.

Before we begin, as I mentioned that the application process is quite simple, it is equally important that you follow along with me step by step. I will try my best to make it as understandable as possible. And if you follow each step diligently, your chances of approval is high.

There are four governments agencies involved. Do not worry, I will walk you through what is needed to be done with each and every one of them. Below are the 4 government agencies involved;

  1. New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
  2. Education Council.
  3. Education Payroll.
  4. Immigration New Zealand.

How To Migrate And Teach in New Zealand

Eligibility Check

Before we get into details, let’s check your eligibility, You need to know if the decision is right for you. You can assess yourself to know if you will qualify;

  • A proof of ID: Passport or driving licence.
  • Police certificate from your country in the last 10 years (including any country you lived for more than a year).
  • Criminal record clearance : must be free of any criminal record or else the decision on your application may take longer.
  • A copy of your resume, any appraisal and registration with professional bodies.
  • Qualification NZQA: a copy of IQA or if you are pre-approved ( I will cover this more in details later)
  • Your teaching qualifications ( must be a certified copy).
  • English Language: is English your first language or you have written IELTS exams?
  • Health Issue: is there any significant health issue for you or your defendants?
  • Respect For Culture: able and willing to respect the culture of New Zealand.

Do you answer yes to many of these questions? Will you be able to provide original certified copies of the documentation mentioned above?. Now let us move on to the next stage.


If you have followed up to this stage, then you need to pay more attention. The application process or fulfill your dream to migrate and teach in New Zealand starts here. You will need to carefully follow these steps one after the other.

#1. Teaching Jobs In Demand

Firstly, you need to get familiar with the kind of teaching jobs available for immigrants in New Zealand. You will need to visit the government gazette job center. You will be able to know more about the teaching jobs in shortage on New Zealand.

When you visit Government gazette there are four important things to check.

  • Subjects,
  • Age groups,
  • Qualification required
  • And the job description.

Lets find out the job vacancies in New Zealand and you do not need to apply for job at this time

#2. Your Qualification

Secondly, you will to check if your teaching qualification is pre-approved by New Zealand government otherwise you will need to obtain international qualifications assessment (IQA).

This is a very important step, perhaps the most important step required. If your teaching qualification was obtained in England, Wales, Canada, South Africa, Fiji, Australia and Ireland (Eire), the chances that your qualification is pre-approved is very high. Teachers migrating from other countries will need a quick self assessment on their qualifications. This will enable you to determine if you require international qualifications assessment (IQA) and to calculate your salary.

#3. Its Time To Register

Thirdly, if you make it to this stage, the chances that you will be in New Zealand very soon is very high. Your main application start here. Earlier, I mentioned that we will cover 4 government agencies, the first being NZQA where you have just checked if you will require IQA, the second agency is the education council.

Next step is to fill the EC15 form.  Click here to start the registration. You must have all your supporting documents ready as mentioned under the eligibility checks above. You may be ask to submit additional documents depending on your circumstances.

The application fee is $302.57NZD and the process is about 4 weeks.

#4. Start Applying For Job

Well done! Your dream to migrate and teach in New Zealand is now becoming a reality. So, you have checked the job available, verified your qualification, fill the EC15 form, next is to start applying for jobs. If you are following the steps, I asked you in step #1 above not to apply for the jobs but now it is time to start applying to New Zealand schools.

You can apply to as many schools as you want but please keep it most relevant and professional. I have listed at the end of the post the other reputable recruitment agencies in New Zealand. Please fell free to start applying with any of these agencies.

#5. Access The Salary

Our next government agency, which is the third out of four is Education Payroll. Teachers in New Zealand are paid using qualification groups. You will need to fill NOVO form to check what salary range you will be paid teaching in New Zealand. Download this form to your computer and complete all relevant field as important. Then submit to Novopay NZ.

#6. Apply For Immigrant Visa

Moving forward, once you have your salary assessment results out in additional to any job offers you have received from New Zealand schools, the next step is to apply for a visaVisit New Zealand immigration (the fourth government agencies). The two most common visa type are as follows;

  • Essential skills: temporary visa, application fee is between ($220 – $280)NZD + levy fee of $38NZD. May take up to 25 working days.
  • And Skilled migrant: a permanent residence visa, application fee is between ($1620 – $2505)NZD + levy fee of $580NZD. May take up to 6 months.

It may be wise to apply for an essential skills visa first because of the processing time, then you can switch to permanent residence later.

#7. Welcome To New Zealand

Finally you can begin your teaching career in New Zealand. Aotearoa New Zealand is a beautiful country and super hope you will enjoy your new home. Being one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world with the gift of nature, clean air and many nice cities to visit.

How To Migrate And Teach in New Zealand

New Zealand boost a robust economy, a very high standard education system and one of the best places in the world to live. The government of New Zealand takes education very seriously and always looking to add more values and increase learning.

Other Useful Tips To Help Your Application

As I mentioned in step #4, Below is the list of other reputable recruiters you can try when applying for teaching jobs:

You can contact any of these education recruitment companies in New Zealand. They can provide you with all the information you will need in order to migrate to New Zealand as a teacher. It is worth having a chat with them on how to migrate and teach in New Zealand, even if your plan to migrate is still in the future.

  1. Randstad Education New Zealand

With over 58 years of experience, Randstad NZ helps teachers to find all types of jobs including short term, full term, contract and hourly jobs across New Zealand. Click here to register with Randstad.

  1. Oasis Education New Zealand

Oasis focuses on Auckland, the capital of New Zealand. They can help you to find Part time or full time jobs. To Register with Oasis, click here.

  1. Education Personnel New Zealand

They can assist in finding short term or full term jobs in schools in Auckland city and the whole of New Zealand. To visit Education Personnel website click here.

4. Other Nationwide websites ; TeachNZ, Seek, Trade Me, Education Personnel

Top Cities Where Teachers Are In Shortage In New Zealand.

  1. Auckland
  2. Wellington
  3. Bay of plenty
  4. Southland.

Conclusively, I hope this post is helpful for those willing to migrate and teach in New Zealand. If you have a special contributions, questions and clarification, kindly mention in the comment section below or contact Extra Topics here.