Sport Scholarships In The USA For International Students

Sport Scholarships In The USA For International Students

There are many students all around the world looking to further their education abroad (USA in particular) and have great talent in sports. Do you know that you can further your education and get yourself a sport scholarship in the USA if you qualify? Your talent as an athlete, soccer, football, track and field events, volleyball, swimming, basketball, badminton and other sports can land you big sport scholarships in the USA.

A group of experienced athletes from United States started a sport scholarship back in 1998 and they have helped over a thousand student secured sport scholarships in the USA. Majority of these individual also graduated from the same program and they are well known by the coaches and universities in the United States. They are very experienced and will guide and manage the entire process for you.Sport Scholarships In The USA For International Students

Sport scholarships office is based in Germany, it is advisable to contact them directly here to see the possibility of working with you from your home country. Many of them have also studied and had their scholarship in the USA and they can give you fresh and practical experience.

This program is set up to help many students all around the world. The good thing is that you can do a quick self-assessment to know if you qualify or what you will need to qualify.

Requirement to get sports scholarships in the USA for International students

The process is straightforward

#1. Age

Must be between the age of 16 and 24 years (or 6 semesters at the maximum). This scholarship program is typically for the undergraduate students, that’s why age is very important. You can only use it to study for bachelor degree or occasionally masters degree if age is still on your side. In other words, if you have completed you bachelor degree before the age of 24 years with at least one semester left before your 24th

#2. Gender

Both male and female can apply as long as you have the required talent. Though not all world known games are covered but majority of the games. For all candidates, if you have great talent in any of these games, then you can apply; Soccer, Tennis, Bowling, Basketball, Swimming, Hockey, Skiing, Softball, Diving, Wrestling, Rowing, Archery, Track and Field events, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Water Polo, and many more.

#3. Profile

Videos proof of your talent sho

#4. English Exams

You may be required to write English exams. The program requires mostly international students to have successful passed one English exams. In principle, all international students must write English test, TOEFL and/or SAT exams may be required to process your application. A very good test result can increase your chance of getting scholarships and even additional funding.

Sport Scholarships In The USA For International Students

#5. Academic Background

Being a very good athlete only is not enough to secure a sport scholarships, qualifications such as higher education is required. you must ha does not Proof of academic background

Coaches give you the scholarships and should actually only be on good athletic performance. But that’s not quite true, because you have to be accepted by the university to be able to play for the team at all.

All international applicants have to have a higher education entrance qualification or soon to be acquired. In addition, without exception, all international applicants must take the TOEFL English test , even if they have previously taken a high school year or completed other tests. For the NCAA I & II, the SAT test isrequired to obtain a player’s license. Both are academic tests that test knowledge in English (TOEFL) or English and Math (SAT). Onpretty good censorship average Abi facilitates also the recording at a university. For particularly good grades and test results, you may also receive additional scholarship scholarships, so that you will be more attractive to the coaches and maybe even expand your scholarship. So get ready!

#6. Enormous Talent

Must have enormous talent in any of the world known sports – football, soccer, swimming, hockey, tennis,

#7. Fees

If you pass the eligibility checks, you will only be required to pay the filling fees at the start of the program. This fee is used to create an online profile for the candidates, videos to showcase their talent and to market and promote your profile to over 2000 coaches in colleges and universities across the United States. The actual agency fee will be paid after you have successfully secured an admission and scholarship to study in the United States.

You will need to meet the above minimum requirements in order to be considered for the program. Read more on the requirements to get sports scholarships in the USA here.

How to get Sport scholarships in the USA for International students

The process is straightforward. Sport scholarship Germany will take care of the entire process. Firstly, you will here accessed to understand your skills level. .

Create an online profile for you with videos of your skills

Market your skills to top coaches and universities in the US

Sport scholarship will ensure that you receive maximum scholarship benefits

Early screening, right to play and qualifying regulations will be done early.

Full support all through the process.

Cost To Get Sports Scholarships In The USA

The actual cost of the program needs to be paid after you have gained admission in to a university of your choice. been successfully enrolled. You will need to make this payment before the start of your first semester. If you do not like the university, yu can also decide not to proceed with the enrollment. At the start, you will pay an initial fee for to process your application to the sport scholarships in the USA. This cost is for promotion, consulting and profiling. The process is straightforward. If your application is successful, you can receive a sport scholarship from about 10000 to 60000 a year dollars. The flights cost as well as your pocket money, studying materials and others will be paid by yourself.