Top 10 Apps Ideas For Start Up In 2018

Top 10 Apps Ideas For Start Up In 2018

Having a business website is great but if your business also operates using Apps is even greater. Most users online finds it easy and more convenient to use Apps than going on a website where they will need to type the URL, username and password etc. It will be so easy to just open an app and get whatever information you need. If you are looking for apps ideas for start up business, you may want to check out these incredible top 10 apps ideas.

App business is what many people are looking into these days and we have put together, 10 great Apps ideas for startups that can help anyone to make some good money online. With technology improving everyday, many business and companies are now using online business as a way of reaching more people effectively.

10 Great Apps Ideas For Startups

#1. Travel App

Many people wants to go on holiday, either local or international. A travel App can be a travel bible for tourists. All you need to do is put the information gathered about many tourist destinations on the app. Using geographical location, the App will pinpoint all these important locations as suggestions for the tourists to visit when they travel to those places. User can also share information about where they have visited in the past and users can chat with each other providing important information.

#2. Tutoring App

You can easily connects students with tutors on various subjects. With the use of tutoring apps, you can help many people struggling with one thing or the other. This can also help students struggling with a particularly subject like mathematics, sciences among others. The niche will be strictly tutoring.

Online tutoring can be accepted for tutoring that include the use of software, applications, instruments and many more. You can allow users to chat with each other. Tutoring App will increase learning. There are not many website offering this at the moment and even to get a very good tutor is difficult these days, you can ask your tutors to create a profile with as many as possible information to show the background.

#3. Song Finder

Can you remember those times you heard those sweet songs on radio and you keep scratching your head to know who is the singer, the title of the sons and the year of release. An App can easily do that for you and even open a website to download the song. You can make extra money if your referral to the download websites make a purchase on that site.

#4. Public Transport

Major city like New York, London etc where people uses public transport a lot can be your key targets. You can create an App to guide travelers on what bus, train or tram to travel to get to their destination by saving time, money and stress. This should also operate offline so that people travelling underground or no network zone can still have access to travel information.

Top 10 Apps Ideas For Start Up In 2018

#5. Selfie Competition

We all have taken selfies at some point in life. In fact, it is one of the trending issue these days, having an App for selfie competition can turn out to be a great idea. Using social platforms to connect friends and neighbors together, while they acquire points by rating each other selfies – this may be done by total number of likes or scale rating of 1-10 stars. Having a league and leader board will be a way to keep the idea flowing.

#.6 Flower Gift App

The key to this app is timing of an important events. It will be linked to users calendar to remind them of friends and families with important events such as birthday, wedding, christening etc coming up. The App will automatically suggest flower gift to users and schedule home delivery to meet with the events.

#.7 Parking Space

Mainly targeting tourist attraction centers, congestion areas, downtown, busy areas in major city and towns. Also, all those road side parking for those that struggle to find parking spaces. An App using a GPS location tracker, webcams and parking data can help by pinpointing both paid and free parking spaces in specific places or around where the users are.

#8. Tenant Finder App

Tenant App will help people looking to rent or share rooms. It will also help landlords with the management of their property easily. It will connect room/property finders to the landlords. They can have a chat about the property, location, rent, bills and other important information to know. It can also be used for the current tenants to report or inform landlords of any maintenance or issues they are having in the house. This can also keep record of rent invoices and payment dates.

#9. Tax Helper App

Filling and keeping record of tax is not that easy particularly for small or new businesses. An App can help out with all these processes. A Tax App can help business owners to keep records of all their business purchases, expenses, income and tax transactions while calculating the amount of tax due automatically for that particular period.

#10. Purchase App

You can help millions of people save a lot of money while shopping. Purchase App will identify a particular brand and search online for different stores selling same or similar brand. All they have to do is to scan the bar-code on the products.

We believe these are 10 great App startup idea you can try in 2018. If you want to share you ideas, kindly mention it in  the comment section below.