About Me

Welcome To Extra Topics

Thanks for Visiting Extra Topics. My name is Sam, the founder of this great knowledge and information community.

I love travelling, I have been to over 15 countries and many cities visited within for exploration and adventures. I have helped and assisted few people with immigration processes including application and guidelines. I have also helped few students by assisting them in their application to study abroad. In general, I have helped many people by providing them with more information in making their own decisions.

My Motives?

My motive of creating Extra Topics is to start an online community where people can access information on various interesting topics relating to Immigration, Travels and Tourism and Studying Abroad.  A community where users can contribute by sharing their experience and opinions. A website where users that share their fun-filled experience about places they have visited. A platform where people can have conversation with each other and be of help in solving or clarifying difficult issues regarding international education. A knowledge base website where I can document important information and knowledge shared by myself and others to help people visiting our community.

Started just few months ago, we are now group of 5 people who contributing to this great community on various topics of interest. We welcome more people to come in and become one of our contributors. Again, the purpose is to make Extra Topics is for knowledge and information center.

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.– Isaac Asimov

What To Expect On Extra Topics?

With my online experience and the expertise of other contributors, we are committed to making this community a strong database of knowledge. We have a very broad niche and we all understands that it will take some times to get to where we want to be. This community will help you if you are looking for;

Immigration information and tips.

Travel and Tourism.

Education and Scholarships.

Planning to Study Abroad.

Already Studying Abroad.

Looking for Side Income to meet up with Bills and Life.

And many more.

My Focus

As I have now decided to turn my passion into reality. This blog will remain focus on helping people with important posts, articles, How Tos, discussion forums while we promote ads, products and affiliates marketing to make money for ourselves.

A Little Bit More About Me

I have previously worked in a computer firm as an intern where I developed my interest in computer fields. I learnt about few things including desktop publishing, Microsoft Project, Computer Software Installation, Desktop Assembling and Repair, AUTOCAD and many more.

I have helped a lot of people, friends and colleagues with all kinds of computer related problems and computers related devices. I have built few websites for friends and families and I just love all I am doing.

I have built few websites as a hobby, some of which are for friends and families, some of which are available for sale. Please see below the list of the websites I have built;

Your Job Centre

Dayspring Of Life Ministries

Debt Asylum



Great Amazing

Please contact me if you want to know if any of these website is available for sale or if you want something similar to that.

Lastly, please note that Extra Topics is a personal blog, I share what I know, what I have read, what I have tried and what other contributors submitted to my blog. Nothing on this blog should be taken for professional advice, it is strongly advisable to contact an expert if you are taken any steps you are not sure about. More details about this can be read on my Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any help or further clarification from me.