Make Up To $500 Online Writing Articles For Websites

Make Up To $500 Online Writing Articles For Websites I have a friend who have tried so many programs on how to make money online. Earlier this year, we met for a coffee and eventually ended up discussing about extra income business, as a result, I introduced him to articles writing, surprisingly he is already […]

Make Up To $500 Online Writing Articles For Websites

I have a friend who have tried so many programs on how to make money online. Earlier this year, we met for a coffee and eventually ended up discussing about extra income business, as a result, I introduced him to articles writing, surprisingly he is already making a lot of money. For this reason, I have put together a list of companies that pays people looking to make money writing articles for websites as additional income.

Also, my friend works 9 to 5 but believes in making some extra income to meet up with his financial challenges. He claim to know almost every words inside the dictionary. Frankly speaking, he is well versed in English language and knowledgeable in world affairs. There are many opportunities online but getting to know the right ones helps you to make extra income for yourself.

Turn Your Writing Skills Into Money

First of all, there are other people out there that are very good in writing and even so fluent in speaking, so if you are one of them you can turn your skills into money. Knowledge is power only when you put it into use.There are many businesses that will pay you for writing articles for them. The good thing is that you can do it from almost anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet and can visit the websites though your laptops or your phones.

Furthermore, online business gives you a great work from home opportunity and you can make fortune just writing articles from the corner of your room. Perhaps you already have some well written articles in the past and you do not know what to do with it, maybe you are already in possession of some valuable assets and the good news is that you I will show you some companies that are willing to pay you for your writing skills.

Make Money Writing Articles For Websites.

You can make money writing articles for websites as long as your writing skills is good. 

In fact, many of these sites allows you to put your bio at the end of your articles. As a result of this, you are promoting yourself and this can even results in recommendation for you. Regarding the payment, these companies have different methods of payment but majority of them accept PayPal, bank checks and bank transfer. Also, you do not need to produce a textbook in order to get paid, with as little as 250 words you will be making money already.

Let’s get to the business. Below are my top 7 organisation below where you can make money writing articles for websites;

1.Watch Culture ($25 to $500)

Watch culture is a UK based online magazine company that covers popular zeitgeist. The company is linked to big UK media including BBC, Metro and Sky. Many of the articles published on these news media are written by the contributors to Watch Culture.These contributors are people like are people like you and are already making money.

Majority of their articles are based on Games, Sports, Music, Cinema, Wrestling, Comics, Films and other entertainment section. If you become a contributor to Watch Culture community, your articles can be seen by about 5 million people every month. You will even be rewarded based on the number of views your article receives.

Currently, world culture contributor gets $0.65 for every published articles with 1000 views in 28 days, and with over 5 millions audience always waiting to read from the biggest UK media, your return can be huge. Some contributors have received up to $700 for single articles they published. You can also make money making YouTube videos for Watch Culture. To register with Watch Culture click here. 

2.Worldstart ($25 to $50)

Another website that pays people for writing articles is Worldstart. It is very easy to get started at Worldstart. Their focus is on computer and technology related content. If you have interest in writing about computer tips and review, world start is a good place to start. You will be rewarded for quality content, length of article, usefulness and relevancy.

  • Articles length as low as 250 words may receive about $15.
  • 400 words will receive about $20,
  • 600 words for $30.
  • While 800 words and above is $35.

If approved, your articles will be shown to about 300,000 monthly visitors and you will get paid accordingly.

Click here to join Worldstart.

3.College Humor($25 to $50)

Founded in 1999 in the New York city by two high school friends. College Humor media is known for hilarious posts on Jokes, Videos, Comedy, Picture and more. They are 100% online entertainment company and their age group target is typically between 18 to 49 years of age.

Both videos and funny articles are published on College Humor. So, If your application is approved, then your post can be published on college humor website. Depending on the content, it may be viewed by millions of people every month.

Over 100 million viewers are waiting to see your videos every month.

Likewise, your articles will be published in front of their 15 million unique visitors every month.

  • A reward of $25 just for publishing your article.
  • If your article make it to the homepage you get extra $25.
  • Also, if you have more than 100,000 views, you will receive additional $50.

Remember your articles to College Humor must be funny. To register click here.Make Money Writing Articles For Websites

4. Photoshop Tutorial ($25 – $300) 

You can turn your passion for Photoshop into money. Photoshop will pay you for writing tutorials on how to use their platform. Either brief or long, as long as it accurate with the function you are talking about, then you should be approved.

Remember you will be paid educating other users on Photoshop so your tutorial must be self explanatory. You can earn from as little as $25 to as much as $300. Joining is easy, you do not even need to have your tutorial already written, just click here to register and you can start making money with your Photoshop skills.

5. Sitepoint ($100 and above )

If you are familiar with website design and development, then you must have come across Sitepoint at some point. Sitepoint is an Australian based company that encourage writers from all over the world to contribute to their growth.

Sitepoint is one of the web design and development industry leading company along with Theme Forest. This is a great website to promote yourself if you are into website design. They also pay people for writing quality article about their products.  If you can write an instructive and innovative contents about web development, you should consider Sitepoint.

They will pay you $100 for a well written, minimum of 1500 words.

In addition to that, additional $250 will be paid, if your article is viewed by more than 100,000 people.

6. WOW Women On Writing ($50 to $100)

Just like the name, WOW Women On Writing focuses on women writers. WOW principle is to appreciate women creativity, innovative, energy, sweat and tears. They have a very large audience and focuses on freelance, training and innovation.

It is important to understand what women On Writing is exactly all about, I will advise you to read couple of few articles before you get started. WOW wants you to be very innovative, never copy or re-edit other writer’s post, start a fresh idea and focus on helping other people. Your content must be specific and offer a clear practical advice to the readers.

WOW will pay you up to $150 for almost 3000 words of published articles.

7. B. Michelle Pippin ($50 to $150)

Provides business tips and marketing advice to small scale businesses. Their aim is to help them grow their business and increase their profits. Besides, you have a gift of writing interesting marketing articles, then maybe you should consider joining B. Michelle Pippin.

Your article must be clean, original and provide business values. B. Michelle Pippin operates in a similar way to Wow women on writing, but they focus on women in business (not writers). Their range of articles categories includes profits making, marketing, resources, entrepreneur and many more.

In fact, with just 800 words of article, you can be considered.

Conclusively, If writing articles is something you love doing, then you can make money writing articles for websites above. If you do end up trying any of these 7 companies, please share your experience in the comments section below.

Lastly, If you also have any other good website, kindly mention it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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